The New England Patriots are once again Super Bowl Champions!!!

That was probably the best game I have ever watched. Not just the Best Super Bowl, the best football game. It was back and forth all night, as expected, but ultimately the better team won. Here’s a little recap with some random thoughts from the game:

First half:

  • It baffles me that in all 6 of BB’s Patriots’ Super Bowl appearances, they’ve failed to put up points in the first quarter. And when they were first in the red zone, I thought it was going to change for sure.
  • I almost couldn’t believe that pick by Brady. It was such a terrible throw and it didn’t even seem like anyone was near. Really missed opportunity that I feared would haunt them later in the game.
  • Their first TD scoring drive was pretty impressive; 65 yards in like 4 minutes, getting everyone involved, ending in a beautiful pass to Brandon “JoJo” Lafell to put the Pats on the board.
  • I liked that we contained Russ from throwing for a while; he didn’t have his first completion until well into the second quarter. And Marshawn wasn’t doing much for them, as far as big bursts go, either. But then as we know, Russ found the receiving mismatches and took advantage of them, ultimately leading to a Lynch TD.
  • We got the ball back with the 2-minute warning and timeouts to use in the 2 and a half (or so) minutes remaining in the half. Couple no huddles and short passes led to big TD to Gronk with 31 seconds left. I felt good about being up a touchdown going into the half.
  • What I might’ve been most worried about going into the game was Russ’ ability to scramble, and we saw it perfectly here. We put only so much pressure on him, that when one guy finally gets all the way to him, he had the mobility to get out of the way and ultimately gain big yards. Dumb facemask penalty forced the Patriots to be backed up to the 11 where the Seahawks scored with 2 seconds left!
  • It really upset me when Seattle scored going into the half. In my mind I expected a field goal at best, but they really took advantage of the mismatch between Chris Matthews and Kyle Arrington/Logan Ryan. I didn’t like the idea of starting the second half, tied. I felt the Patriots needed to be up especially because Seattle was starting with the ball.

Halftime show:

  • Katy Perry killed it. And what a throwback bringing Missy Elliott out to perform a couple of songs that haven’t been heard since the Patriots last won a Super Bowl! Maybe that was a premonition?

Second half:

  • Second half started with the Seahawks once again marching down the field, but somehow we held them to only a field goal. I will say, I was very impressed with how we handled Lynch. He didn’t break out to any long runs that I thought for sure would come. His longest, I believe, was on this drive and was for 15 yards.
  • We get the ball back and I’m feeling good until Brady throws another pick where he thought he had Gronk wide open. Seattle’s linebacker actually made a pretty good play getting in front of Gronk and taking the ball. But now they’re at midfield and took full advantage of such good field position.
  • Wilson’s touchdown pass to Baldwin pissed me off because Revis was practically picked by the ref. There wasn’t much he could do, but there’s no call to be made anyway so we had to deal with it.
  • Being down ten scared the crap out of me. Not that I doubted we could come back from it, but this score remained until the 4th and time started to creep into my mind. Plus we were constantly reminded that no team in Super Bowl history had overcome a 4th quarter deficit of more than 7 points.
  • Some big time plays were made in the start of the 4th. A huge sack by Ninko on a third down which gave us the ball back. Then a few 20+ yard passes to Minitron on the drive which resulted in a short pass to Danny Amendola, who I thought played well all game. Now we’re down a field goal!
  • Seattle goes three and out and I said to myself that they know what they’re doing. Not that they were going to give up a touchdown exactly, but they’re going to force the Pats to use all of the 7 minutes remaining. I was afraid we might score too soon, leaving enough time for Seattle to come back and score with no time left.
  • We’ve really moved away from the run now, and with 2 minutes left in the game, we get back on the board and once again take the lead. This is what I feared though. Two minutes are a lot of time. Seattle now has a couple timeouts and the 2 minute warning.
  • I was completely thrown off guard when the first play was a pass to Lynch for a huge gain to the 49. The Pats then have two good stops, but Seattle converts on a third down and is even closer to scoring. Then my dreams were shattered.
  • Deep ball to the Kearse on the right was tipped and I closed my eyes and sighed relief but said I really wanted an interception there. Then a voice says “he caught that.” I thought no way. It was tipped and I saw it in the air, the guy was on the ground, he couldn’t have possibly caught that. He had. Here we go again. I thought to myself that we have had such bad luck in our past two Super Bowl appearances, now we can add this one to it. Cris Collinsworth, who I can’t stand, couldn’t help himself by comparing the play to two other plays all Patriot fans were already thinking about. The station even had the tape cued up ready to go and forced us all to re-watch what so many of us have put out of our heads.
  • I nearly threw up on that play to Kearse, honestly feeling sick to my stomach. And my heart was racing so fast I think it was the closest I’ve come to having a heart attack.
  • Next play Lynch runs it and someone, somehow stopped him at the half-yard line. I’m wondering, what the hell do we do here? Let them score? Call a timeout at least? Someone do something because I see the clock now ticking past :30 seconds and that can’t nearly be enough time to go down and score.
  • Then they pass it on a slant play, but it’s intercepted by undrafted rookie Malcolm Butler! I jumped up and honestly the first thing that ran through my mind was that this just cemented us winning the Super Bowl. Then I’m standing there thinking please don’t let me be fooled. Don’t let my eyes deceive me, like they had on the Kearse catch. Don’t tell me he dropped it. Don’t tell me there’s a flag.
  • There wasn’t. Patriots ball. What in the wide world of sports was that call? When your running back is nicknamed “Beast Mode” and you need less than a yard, you give it to him. Pete Carrol admitted post game that this was a wasted play. Why? Why waste a play when you can punch it in with :26 and go up three points? Horrible call.
  • So Butler ended up being down at about the 1, and we’re quickly debating does Tom take a knee and the safety? But that would’ve given them the ball with a field goal to win it. Sure enough, Seattle’s D bailed us out of that predicament as Michael Bennett was called for encroachment. I’m pretty sure Collinsworth said that Bennett is called for offsides more than any other player.
  • After a few more Seattle penalties, we had the ball on the 20 with plenty of room for Tom to take a knee and end this game. Super Bowl champions!

See you at the parade!

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