Random Thoughts

While at the Red Sox game last night I had a lot of time to think, seeing as how they got their first and only hit in the 7th inning…

The first order of business to discuss is the number of people who go about climbing over rows all wrong. We’ve all seen it: A guy goes down an open row to get to his buddies one row in front. What does he do but go from the ground in the aisle he’s in to the ground in the row in front. Diabolical! Everybody should know that you need to use the open chair, flip the seat down and use that as a step. But time and time again you see these morons climbing over the whole chair entirely. Not only is it unconventional, but it honestly looks painful. And it drives me crazy how many people, especially guys, I see doing this at sporting events. I’m really just looking out for their sake. I’m trying to help them.

Next is somewhat of a rule that I’ve always lived by, if put in such a situation. You go to the game with a friend and there’s a good few seats open in your row. Obviously you and your buddy have two seats that are next to each other but there’s so much room in your row. So what do you do but leave an open chair in between the two of you. It’s basically guy code. You don’t always have such an opportunity, that’s why you need to make the most of it. You don’t need to be sitting right next to somebody when there’s all this room around you. You gotta stretch out a little! Because what’s worse than sitting the entire game bunched next to a bunch of strangers; Legs are touching the people next to you, your knees are digging into the chair in front of you, food is on your lap, good luck trying to drink your beer that you’ve been forced to put on the ground under your seat. So PSA to everybody out there, if the opportunity presents itself, leave an open seat between two people. It’s for everyone’s benefit.

Last, and most important, is what happens during moments like the Red Sox celebratory Hats Off to Heroes. Let me get right to the point, if you don’t stand and applaud, I’m going to think you are against America. I’m amazed each time I’m at an event that does stuff like this, and there are people sitting. If you are well enough to attend the game, then you are well enough to stand and applaud. I’m not even being that sarcastic, get off your ass and let’s hear it for the troops (or whoever they are honoring). I’m a big fan of this stuff too. Anytime you can recognize someone for their accomplishments and service in a community, you should.


  1. No way on the seat spacing situation! Once you spread out from your party, you start having to yell over everything else. Use the buffer to further separate yourself from others and pack it tight on the inside.


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