2014 Fantasy Football Draft

Each year my friends and I do a fantasy football league. We’ve been doing it since high school and for many years there were only 8 teams in the league, which really gave everyone a shot. Teams were stacked, there were actually decent players being drafted late and when you needed to pick up someone mid-season, you had some real players to choose from. This year, however, we have 10 teams. It’s a bit more competitive, and I expect it to be tougher to pick up a guy after, say one of your starters gets injured or just shits the bed. There’s a little more strategy this year and you really have to watch the entire league to know who’s hot or getting hot. Now, believe it or not, I have never won. Last year, my team, Dr. Chim Richalds came in third place. But this is my year. My team, J. Walter Weatherman is looking pretty decent I must say.

QB – Matthew Stafford

WR – Demaryius Thomas

WR – Randall Cobb

RB – Marshawn Lynch

RB – CJ Spiller

TE – Greg Olson

W/R/T – Michael Crabtree

W/R/T – Mike Wallace

K – Dan Bailey

DEF – St. Louis

BN – Maurice Jones-Drew, Russell Wilson, Sammy Watkins, Kelvin Benjamin, Marvin Jones

Starters aren’t too shabby. Hopefully Cobb bounces back from his injury last year. I’m deep in the WR position so I’m hoping 3+ guys really have big years. Drafting two rookies wasn’t part of my plan, but I’m excited to see both of those guys play and actually wanted the Pats to draft KB. Sometimes it’s nice to have guys on your team who you want to root for anyway. I’ve gotta be on top of my game though if I’m taking the crown. So keep checking back here, as I’m sure I will be posting updates throughout the season.

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