What Bostonians Love Most about Boston

For Boston Week, CreativeEqual asked Bostonians to tell us what they love most about their hometown. Here’s what they had to say.

Sports teams

Dave Sullivan (Parking attendant)

“Celebrating the 12 championships we’ve won since 2001 has made it easy to forget that I’ve yet to accomplish anything this century.”

Art scene

Cody Pennington (Junior financial analyst)

“The plethora of museums and art exhibits are perfect spots for Bumble dates with free-spirited chicks who look like they’d be into butt stuff.”


Linda White (HR coordinator)

“Seeing Boston’s historical sites makes me proud of how progressive the city was in Revolutionary times. And that’s as much progress as I’m comfortable with.”


Sara Perez (Paralegal)

“The mix of colonial buildings and the more modern Art Deco style creates a beautiful contrast. And they did a great job repurposing a Soviet gulag as City Hall.”

Hometown pride

Ken Casey (Lead singer, Dropkick Murphys)

“Bostonians will throw money at you for decades if you write a song about their city. Tessie has made me millions in royalties. That song blows!”

Forgiving attitude

Seán Patrick O’Malley (Cardinal, Boston Archdiocese)

“The people of Boston didn’t let a few thousand regrettable incidents get in the way of giving the Church their time and money every week.”

Innovative science

Spot (Boston Dynamics robot dog)

“Boston’s burgeoning technology sector makes it an ideal place to launch the enslavement of humanity by their robot animal overlords.”


Mark Spitz (Sergeant, Boston Police Department)

“I like the racism.”


Mark Wahlberg (Actor)

“Boston’s a hard-working, white town and it should stay that way. Oh, somebody else already picked racism? Well, I own a restaurant so … food, I guess.”

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