WALL-E is Pixar at its Best

Pixar’s recipe for success is well established. Beautiful animation, relatable characters, moving stories, and a hefty dose of comedy are key components of the formula.  

WALL-E has it all, and more. The 2008 film is, in my opinion, the best Pixar movie has made.

The design of Wall-E himself is a triumph, imbuing a boxy, worn-down trash compactor robot with a rich personality, relying on beeps, boops and physicality over dialogue.

In fact, the first 20+ minutes of the film have no dialogue at all! Still, you learn all you need to know about Wall-E, his motivations, and the world he lives in. It is an amazing opening sequence and effectively sets the stage for Wall-E’s upcoming adventure.

His journey from a lonely, desolate Earth to the wonders of outer space is a joy to watch, a true underdog tale complete with loyalty, sacrifice, danger, and courage. How can you not root for this scrappy little guy?

Pixar’s movies often focus on friendship, which this film certainly has. But it also has a romantic element, as Wall-E’s relationship with Eve adds an emotional layer to the story. At first glance, the two robots could hardly be more different. But their connection deepens over the course of the movie, leading to a touching, dare I say tear-jerking finish.

Finally, the animation deserves special recognition, elevating the story and giving us unforgettable visuals. Wall-E and Eve’s joyful flight through space is breathtaking. I would argue it is the most magical scene in Pixar’s history.

WALL-E is one of my favorite movies ever, Pixar or not. It is a story that can reach people of all ages and backgrounds, whether you are watching it for the 1st or 101st time. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be reminded that everyone, no matter the circumstances, has a hero inside.

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