My Italian Playlist

I love Italian music. I don’t think people know this about me. What I mean by “Italian music” is mostly popular songs with either all Italian lyrics, (“O sole mio” for example) or partial Italian lyrics (like “Buona Sera“). The criteria is it HAS to have some form of Italian in it. Can’t just be a strictly English version of an Italian song. Or a song about Italy, without the native tongue.

Having never even been to Italy but it being top of my list, I like to throw on this playlist and imagine that’s how things are and it’s how people talk. It’s why I’ll probably be well suited to visit, and drop words like “domani” and “arrivederci“. Just kidding. I literally have no idea what they’re saying in most songs, but still sing along pretending I do. They could be singing absolute gibberish and I’d be like ahh that’s beautiful!

The playlist is filled with songs from Dean Martin, Mario Lanza, Louis Prima, a handful of Italian opera songs, but the MVP of it all is Jerry Vale. The guy absolutely crushes Italian standards and classic Italian-American songs like no one else.

Check it out here and below that are some of my favorite songs from it:



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