Random Boston Top Fives

Enjoy random Boston Top 5 lists from the CE contributors!

Top Five Boston Sporting Events + Drink Combos

1.  Red Sox Game + Sam Summer
2.  Boston Marathon + Any Beer
3.  Head of the Charles + Harpoon IPA
4.  Bruins Game + Bud Light
5.  Patriots Game + Hot Chocolate
     – Ryan McSweeney

Top Five Names of Boston Mayors:

5.  Harrison Otis
4.  Josiah Quincy (III, IV & VI)
3.  Benson Leavitt
2.  Otis C. Norcross
1.  Nathaniel Bradstreet Shurtleff
     – Matt Flynn

Top Five Boston Buildings You Probably Can’t Picture in Your Mind:

1.  James Blake House – 735 Columbia Rd, Dorchester
2.  Lindemann Mental Health Center – 25 Staniford St, Boston
3.  McLauthlin Building – 120 Fulton St, Boston
4.  Matthews Arena – 238 St Botolph St, Boston
5.  Federal Reserve Bank of Boston – 600 Atlantic Ave., Boston
     – Conor Lohan

Top Five Boston Callings 

1.  Fall 2013 (Vampire Weekend, Kendrick Lamar, Passion Pit, Flume)
2.  Summer 2018 (Tyler the Creator, Khalid, BROCKHAMPTON, The Killers, Maggie Rogers…Eminem)
3.  Summer 2017 (Chance the Rapper, Bon Iver, Migos, the 1975, Francis & the Lights)
4.  Fall 2014 (The National, Nas x the Roots, Childish Gambino, the 1975, Lake Street Dive)
5.  Spring 2014 (Jack Johnson, Death Cab for Cutie, Bastille, Edward Sharpe)
     – Ryan McSweeney

Top Five Things with ‘Boston’ in the Name:

1.  Boston Terriers
2.  Boston Cream Pie
3.  Boston (band)
4.  Boston Market
5.  Boston Dynamics (Spot will be the death of us!)
     – Kevin McCarthy

Top Five Ben and Jerry’s Flavors You Need to Try:

1.  Triple Caramel chunk
2.  Oat of this swirled
3.  Americone Dream
4.  Cinnamon buns
5.  Vanilla caramel fudge
     – Emma Tavolieri

Top Five Unfinished #BostonWeek Drafts:

1.  Boston Legends March Madness Style Bracket
2.  Boston Teens: High School Reunion sketch
3.  Which Boston-based movie are you Thinking About? A Flowchart
4.  30 Scenes That Actually Appear in ‘Spenser Confidential’
5.  RateMyProfessors: Dr. Sean Maguire, Professor in the Psychology department at Bunker Hill Community College
     – Matt Flynn

Top Five Letters In the Word “Boston”

1.  B
2.  O
3.  S
4.  T
5.  N
     – Ryan McSweeney

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