2019 Movie Rankings: 28 – 26

Gather round, folks. While the Oscars can be some stuffy, self-congratulatory award show, I also view it as a fun time to celebrate the best films of the year. 2019 seemed like a dud of a year for the most part – up through September anyway. Just like the Patriots 28-3 comeback, 2019 came roaring back with a stellar final quarter that made the year one of the decade’s best. 

I saw 28 movies that were released in the year and ranked each one. Between today and Sunday, I’ll  countdown and reveal my list with a quick thought or two on each movie. 

Finally, remember: movies are subjective. Just because I have something higher or lower than you doesn’t mean one of us is one of us is right and the other is wrong – we just had different takeaways and that’s cool.

Alright, with that said…



28. Murder Mystery (43/100)


I don’t have much to say here. I wasn’t expecting much out of Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix movie but even with the low expectations I found myself bored. 


27. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (57/100)


I’ve seen every X-Men movie since the first one came out in 2000 so of course I couldn’t let this one slip past me. Some of them, like Logan and Days of Future Past, have been great. Even X1 and X2 were great for the time, although I’m not sure they hold up all that well. 

X-Men: Dark Phoenix, however, is a complete miss. This clip alone can give you a sense of the script and acting. 

It really just felt like everyone involved in this mailed it in. If it weren’t for reshoots that added an exciting train sequence, this could have been even lower. 


26. Triple Frontier (60/100)


I was really excited for Triple Frontier! The cast looked awesome with Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, Charlie Hunnam, Sam Flynn from Tron…and Ben Affleck. I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of Affleck’s acting but I was able to look past it given the cast and the concept as seen in the trailer.

Unfortunately, I thought the trailer was a somewhat misleading after watching. It actually isn’t all about a heist and the story dragged a bit when that was the case. Also, Ben Affleck’s acting was not great. 


Well, that’s all I’ve got today. Come back tomorrow when I reveal 25 through 23…or 22. To be honest, I haven’t decided yet. Stay tuned!  

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