My Running Routes

In 2016, Boston was ranked the third best running city by Runners World. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me. Now I wouldn’t consider myself a “runner” by any means. In fact, for as long as I remember, I’ve always hated running. But the past few years I’ve realized that I say that, but don’t really mean it. Do I love running? No. But after the first few runs of a new season, I’m kind of over how much I dread it. Sometimes I care about my pace and distance, other times not so much. And I think that’s fine. The way I feel after some runs really is something I look forward to. It’s hard to beat a good run with a good workout or whatnot.

I mostly run around Dorchester, almost exclusively the same paths and don’t run all that far. But I have been seeking different options. For example, I work near Harvard Square and the Charles River, so I’m hoping to run along it a couple times this year. And honestly, I’m not crazy about driving somewhere far to then go for a run, so close to home is important. Additionally though, I also don’t love running on the sidewalk where I might have to stop a red light or worry about cars, etc. So if you can recommend something that fits my specific criteria – let me know!

Below, I’ve broken down some of my routes, if you’re ever looking for a different one or are just looking to get started. Maybe I’ll see you out there!

When I just need to run a quick mile

When I don’t have time to run more than a mile, but still feel like exercising to the least extent, I’ll run this route. It’s right outside my apartment and the only problem I have with it is the hill. No matter which way I start, I’m finishing up a pretty steep hill (SMT or Train).

When I want to run anywhere between 2-4 miles

This is my bread and butter. Love running around Pope’s because you can start at a few different spots and can run different ways. I like starting at the Hallet Street entrance, turning right and staying on the outside. As opposed to doing a figure 8 loop. It’s not bad scenery either with the Neponset River to your side.

When I plan to run 4+ miles

The Neponset River Trail aka the “bike path”. When I’m committed to doing 4 miles, I’ll run this. It’s nice and flat too which is perfect. Here, I’ll start at the playground entrance of Popes, run to Central Ave (2 miles) and turn around. If you want to extend it, you can always keep going on the path or run a loop around the park.

The only time I’ll run over 7 miles

The Falmouth Road Race. It’s not a 10k like a lot of people think, but rather 7.1 miles. It’s a good time if you can get a number. A little hilly to start, an almost 2 mile stretch with absolutely no shade, and a bitch of a hill to end it, but overall a great race.

Other runs:

Dot Day 5K

Ran this for the first time ever last year. It starts and ends at the Blarney Stone, straight as can be on Dot Ave. The halfway point is right by the Carney.

Seaport/Southie 5 miles

I did this route while training with MR8 for the Falmouth Road Race. We started at Martin’s Park in the Seaport and ran all the way to Castle Island and back. I really enjoyed it, and would like to run it more, but it’s a little tough getting to. I am running the Harpoon 5 miler soon, and imagine this will be somewhat similar.

Charbo Run

In March, the Charbo Run in Dorchester/Milton made it’s return after 15 years. To be honest it was a little tougher than I expected. Gallivan Boulevard and Adams Street in Dot were fine, but when Adams makes the turn in Lower Mills and Milton, that steady incline was a lot longer than I envisioned. After that was pretty good and the Granite Ave stretch was nice. The final turn on Hilltop though wasn’t the funnest, but I’d say the Falmouth Road Race prepped me for that.

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