5 Boston-related Questions

  1. What’s the most notable Boston sports game you’ve ever been to? I wish I could remember the majority of games that I’ve been to, but unfortunately I can’t. Here are some of the biggest I’ve been to (per team):
    1. 2013 Marathon Monday Red Sox game. Play of the game: Mike Napoli hit a walk-off double.
    2. 2010 Bruins v. Sabres 2OT first round playoff game. Play of the game: Miroslav Satan scored the game winner.
    3. 2010 Celtics v. Magic Eastern Conference Finals Game 3. Play of the game: this Rondo steal.
    4. 2003 Patriots v. Bills 31-0 game. Play of the game: the entire game.
  2. What are the best breweries in Boston? I’m talking specific ones within city limits. I’ve only been to a few (Dorchester Brewing, Harpoon, Cheeky Monkey, Hopsters, Backlash) and would like to check out more. Any suggestions?
  3. Who retires first, Tom Brady or Zdeno Chara? Z is 42 and Tom will be 42 in August. Chara has missed a few games with an MCL injury but when he’s in the lineup, he still gives the D a boost and is essential to a Cup run. We all know about Brady, right? Still elite, still the GOAT. It’ll be a tough day when the two of them hang ’em up. I shiver at the thought.
  4. What “old-school Boston” thing do you miss most? Obviously it’s different for every generation but a couple I think of are seeing the whale mural on Planet Self-Storage from 93, the Coke bottles on the Monster, calling it the “FleetCenter” and Oldies 103.3.
  5. Is ‘City On A Hill’ gunna be good? I think the idea is solid – drama centered around Boston cops and criminals in the ’90s, but the trailer did not do it for me. I like Kevin Bacon but why’s he gotta be in so many Boston stuff? Can no one else do a better accent? And I was reading about the historical accuracy of it all too which has me a little worried. They ought to let me have a stab at writing a script or better yet try to make a new Boston based sitcom

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