Winter Binge-ing

What Are You Binge-Watching Right Now?

Matt: Game of Thrones (again). A few months ago I thought it’d be good to start from the beginning and re-watch the show in anticipation for the final season in April. I truly can’t get enough, the show is incredible. And for those of you who haven’t come around yet, I was once like you. It took me until last year to watch, and if you trust me even the slightest, believe me that you will enjoy Game of Thrones.

I’m also watching True Detective season 3 right now which has been a little slow but I anticipate it really ramping up soon. It’s so fun to watch the new episode and then read the Ringer articles or theories online about the episode and show as a whole so far.

Ryan: Rewatching Game of Thrones, only seen the series one time through and want to remember the crazy plot lines, characters, back stories, and theories before season 8 blows my mind. I’m also rewatching 30 Rock for the first time in like 2 years and this show is bar none the funniest show of all time. The writing is so witty and stupid and fun it’s incredible. Some of the funniest characters of all time too (looking at your Dr. Spaceman).

What’s On Deck? 

MattThe Sopranos is always in rotation, but I would like to re-watch LOST (for a third time) and 30 Rock (for a second time). As far as shows I’ve never seen, I’d like to eventually watch 24 but also some “classic” sitcoms like Cheers or even The Jeffersons.

Ryan: I’d really like to dive into Seinfeld and watch the series all the way through. I’ve seen the majority of episodes probably just on TBS and I’ve watched a good amount on Hulu but mostly just as background tv. I’d like to go start to finish and dominate the series because obviously it’s one of the best comedies of all time.

Top 5 Favorite Shows?


5. Breaking Bad


3. Game Of Thrones

2. The Wire

  1. The Sopranos

I have no comedies in mine, I just think that’s an entirely different conversation.


5. Rick and Morty
4. Curb Your Enthusiasm
3. Arrested Development (on its original run, obviously)
2. New Girl
1. Parks and Rec
I’m aware these are all comedies. When I watch TV I’m trying to laugh. Love some serious shows but when it comes to my Top 5 gotta pick the funny ones.


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