If You Could Have Been At Any Concert In Time, What Would It Be?

This is pretty fun to think about. I’m sure a lot of people would say Woodstock in ’69 or Live Aid in ’85 because of the number of performers and the fact that many of those performances have since become legendary. Here are three that I would have liked to been at.

Frank Sinatra with Count Basie at the Sands (Vegas, 1966)

Dress up, have a hot date, drink only hard liquor – that’s how I imagine the night going. Plus you’re in Vegas so hopefully Lady Luck is on your side. While it doesn’t include classics like “My Way” or “New York, New York” it does have the some of the most memorable live recordings, including “Fly Me To The Moon”, “My Kind Of Town”, the best version of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and even “It Was A Very Good Year”!

Johnny Cash at Folsom State Prison (Folsom, CA 1968)

I mean, you’d pretty much have to be locked up to see him, but this might be worth it. Imagine hearing, “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” and him going right into “Folsom Prison Blues”! That’d be pretty awesome. And let’s not forget how good the rest of the concert was, from “Cocaine Blue” to “Orange Blossom Special” to “Jackson”. Incredible!

Dave Matthews and Friends at Showbox Music Club (Seattle, 2004)

*not actual performance from show

I unfortunately cannot find any recordings of this night, so just take a look at the setlist. Believe it or not, this was for the wedding reception of RealNetworks founder, Rob Glaser. Although I’m a huge band > acoustic guy, I would make an exception for this. He and Tim play four of my favorite songs right off the bat. Then who comes out to join them on a few songs? Eddie friggin’ Vedder. Tell me that wedding reception wouldn’t be so cool.

What concert would you liked to have seen live? Bruce in London? Biggie in the 90s? Fats Waller at Al Capone’s birthday party?

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