If You Could Have The Singing Voice Of One Artist, Who Would You Choose?

For clarification, this could be anyone dead or alive. Also, you’d keep your regular speaking voice, but when you began to sing, you’d have the singing voice of the artist. When I first thought about this, I said Frank Sinatra. But I quickly realized I couldn’t just go around crooning all day. There’s no denying he has a great voice, but can he sing any song? Probably not. And personally, I want someone who has a wide range of notes they can reach. Here’s a few I’ve considered.

Freddie Mercury

This is probably #1 for me. Freddie just has an all around pure voice that’s untouchable.

Amos Lee

A dark horse to most. At first, you might think he has a somewhat monotone voice, but then he starts to hit notes you didn’t think he could hit.

Tevin Campbell

Super underrated in terms of R&B artists go and it’s too bad he didn’t have a longer career in the industry. He was practically the original Usher & Bruno Mars. To hear his four-octave vocal range, listen to this.

So back to you, if you could sing like one artist, who would you choose?

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