A Tribe Called Quest Madness

Foam Finger Sports

Welp, here it is. After weeks of research and hours of listening, here are the 65 Tribe songs that have made the tourney. We already made one decision and that was Midnight Marauders Tour Guide beating out Da Booty in the play-in game. Marauders will be getting a ton of love during this process while The Love Movement will have to do work to beat other albums because of the generally poor product that it is in comparison to their other works.

I want to point out the criteria we created, and by we I mean my brother Matt and myself. With his help and fellow Tribe Historian Matt Gittens, we will be making the selections over the next few weeks. We will attach the game summaries and as we get to the Elite Eight, we open it up for you all to make your opinions recognized by creating polls…

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