My Bucket List

Quickly look at the list below and see if you can find the one thing I crossed off this year…


Got it? It was “Learn how to ski”! I cut it very close this year and waited til 12/27 to finally boot up and carve some powder in Killington, VT. To be completely honest, I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t all that good and did not leave the bunny hill but am hoping to improve in 2018.

My only story is that after a few “runs”, we decided it was too cold to continue (negative temperatures in Killington) and said we’d do one last before heading to the lodge for food/drinks. I was going down and felt so cocky that I quickly learned how to move/turn (whatever you want to call it) from left to right, and was confident in my ability to stop, even if pizza-ing. So I’m almost at the base and I’m thinking to myself, I can’t wait to tell everyone that I didn’t fall my first time skiing! “Everybody falls”, they said, well not me! Ok I’m just gunna go by this little kid and then we’ll be done… Buddy- get out of the way! Shit he is not moving. *looks down at skis* pizza! Don’t cross your skis! Welp, now my skis are crossed. I’m gunna bundle this kid. So I just kind of fell to my side because I crossed my skis and was afraid I was going to hit the little kid. I was so pissed at myself, but I guess that’s what I get. Then it took me probably 5 minutes to get up because I was laughing and just couldn’t do it without thinking I’d fall right back down. Oh well, skiing was still a lot of fun and expect to see me out there again! Might even try snowboarding sometime.

As for everything else on this list, do your part and help me cross something off this year! Also, I could go for a few more recommendations to add so let me know!

My Bucket List

Visit Ireland
Visit Italy
Visit Greece
Visit Brazil
Visit Australia
Visit Spain
See Saturday Night Live
See the Grand Canyon
See Mount Rushmore
See the Northern Lights
See the Southern Lights
See Christ the Redeemer
See the Taj Mahal
Go to every Major League Baseball park
Go to a Red Sox Spring Training game in Fort Myers
Go to Hawaii
Go to the Caribbean
Go to Madison Square Garden
Go to Chicago
Go to a Michigan football game
Go to a Notre Dame football game
Go to a USC football game
Go to New Orleans
Go to Preservation Hall in New Orleans
Go to San Diego
Go to The Masters
Go to the US Open
Go to Disneyland
Go to Wimbledon
Go to Nashville
Go to Lambeau Field
Go to the Kentucky Derby
Go to the Hockey Hall of Fame
Go to a March Madness game
Go to an Olympic event
Go to Los Angeles
Go to Oktoberfest
Go to the Super Bowl
Go to Las Vegas
Drive a Maserati
Drive an Aston Martin
Drive a Lamborghini
Fly first class
Fly in a helicopter
Fly in a hot air balloon
Ride a motorcycle
Ride a horse
Learn how to snowboard
Learn how to ski
Learn how to surf
Go parasailing
Go sky diving
Go bungee jumping
Go hiking
Go scuba diving
Go snorkeling
Go ziplining
Climb a mountain
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Run the Falmouth Road Race
Run a half-marathon
Get a tattoo
Shoot a gun/Go to a shooting range
Skate at 30 Rock Plaza
Travel to all seven continents
Play golf in Ireland
Play golf at St. Andrews
Road trip cross country
See a concert at Red Rocks

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