“New” Music Monday

I recently signed up for Spotify after numerous people advised this would be exactly what I’m looking for with music. And so far it’s been great. Especially now that I now don’t have to wait for the next holiday to receive an iTunes gift card from my mom before I buy a song I’ve been enjoying. What’s particularly great about Spotify though, is that you can listen to full albums pretty much the day they are released. Anyway, if you’re familiar with Spotify, then you know about New Music Friday where they give you like 50+ brand new songs. It’s pretty good if you like music of today. I’m going to do my own spin on this though, by perhaps introducing you to “new” music which is really just new to me. It could be song that’s a few months old, or a few decades old. If I haven’t heard it, and I like it, I’m gunna share it.

I’m starting with a song I first heard on 92.9 that I thought for sure was new. But according to Wikipedia, it was released as a single in 2016! It’s got a great vibe to it where it sounds like it could be a song from the 90s or from today.

Here it is: Wish I Knew You by The Revivalists. Enjoy!

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