5 Boston-related Questions

  1. In the movie The Departed why do they say that UMass Boston is in South Boston? I’m a stickler on this one as I’m both from Dorchester (where it’s actually located) and am a Beacon alum. Couldn’t have taken much effort google-ing that, plus Bobby and Mark are from Dorchester!
  2. Is it time the Bruins get rid of Rene Rancourt? I ran a poll on my Twitter and an astounding 75% voted “Yes”!** If yes, do you have any replacement suggestions? I say next year, over the course of the season, they try out all new Anthem singers. Then I run another Twitter poll and everyone votes on who they like best. Winner gets the gig.
  3. Would a Boston-based Sopranos-like TV show be successful? Sopranos is my all time favorite TV show, so I really don’t think one would compare. I feel like Ray Donovan wanted to be that, but moved it to LA instead, and that show was decent. I say was because I stopped watching – is it any good? Perhaps the gangster/mob show is overplayed though.
  4. How do you rank Boston’s 10 Championships within the last 15 years? Sit and really think about this because it’s not easy. Fortunately, though, we actually get to have this conversation. Check back later this week to see how Chris has ranked them!
  5. Who sings ‘For Boston’ on that City of Boston CU commercial? Ok, so I cheated on this one and reached out to their Twitter for the answer… How about that? Just three random guys jammin’ out to ‘For Boston’. No fame. No glory. Maybe they can do the National Anthem for the Bruins.

    **4 people voted

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