Do ‘About Me’ sections actually matter on dating apps?

I’ve been single for ever a while now and have dabbled in a few dating apps. Nothing extreme, just the ones you hear everyone else is on. Sometimes they have been good to me, other times not so much. Previously, I thought very little about the ‘About Me’ sections these apps offer. I’d say it’s mostly because I never know what route to take. How real should I get? Should it be a quote? A movie quote or like an inspirational quote? Should I try to be funny or sarcastic? Should my About Me straight up be a pick-up line? Maybe I’ll just go with a song lyric. Wait, what kind of song? I DON’T KNOW. In fact, I’ve tried them all. 

A friend recently called me out at a time when I opted not to fill out the section. She said, “this can’t be working terribly well for you without one [an About Me].” I confirmed her hunch of lack of success, but assured her I don’t think it was because of that. She told me that “adventure is out there” and that I should get a bio. Then we got to talking about what I should put in there. Knowing I’m a fan of Frank Sinatra, she recommended something about knowing a lot of his songs. Not an awful idea, so I said this could give me some High Hopes. Amused, she suggested this would weed out the girls I don’t want to know. “Luck be a lady”, she said. (‘A’ for effort on that one). I said hopefully I won’t say Somethin’ Stupid (clearly, I could’ve gone on forever). The conversation ended there. But I did end up putting, “The best is yet to come” – which could be looked at as kinda self-promoting, but not all that arrogant.

Another friend has gone as far to say that he wouldn’t reach out to a match if they didn’t have a bio and that in all of his matches, the girl always started the convo. He went the opinion route on his About Me and put, “Name a better TV show than The Office. You can’t” This one’s not bad. It shows what kind of TV he likes and his brand of comedy. But it also promotes a discussion. Maybe it’s her favorite show too. Maybe she like Parks & Rec better and feels strongly about it. Well it worked for him, because he’s been a relationship with a girl he met on the app for like over a year now!

Suffice it to say that I gotta get back into the ‘About Me’ game and just rotate all the ideas I have for it and see what sticks. Will keep you posted. (read: Will most likely not keep you posted)


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