Friday Favorites: Pogues Songs

St. Patrick’s Day is less than a week away and CE is going to put out a couple posts about Irish music, starting with today’s favorites list! Amazing to think that a sort of punk band like them can sing some of the best Irish songs. More amazing to know that Shane MacGowan is still alive and kicking (with a set of new teeth).

My aunt Ginny was lucky enough to see The Pogues at the Opera House in Boston years ago. She said that when they played “Fairytale of New York”, the whole place was flooded in white light with fake snow flakes raining down on everyone, while Shane and the woman standing in for Kirsty MacCall waltzed on stage. Pretty great if you ask me…

7. A Pair of Brown Eyes

6. Streams of Whiskey

5. If I Should Fall From Grace With God

4. The Body of An American

3. Love You Til the End

The only song on this list not sung by Shane MacGowan

2. Dirty Old Town

1. Fairytale of New York

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