I can’t get enough of these Hotline Bling vines

My feelings toward Drake are pretty back-and-forth; one day I’ll be into him, the next I think he’s garbage. That’s why you’ll hear me say he’s trash, then 5 minutes later I’ll be bumpin’ ‘Forever’. So I’ve compiled a quick list about what I like and don’t like about Drizzy.

Things I like about Drake:

Things I dislike about Drake:

  • that his real name is Aubrey
  • that he probably doesn’t write his own lyrics
  • that he’s Canadian
  • the chorus in his song Over
  • the song The Motto
  • that he really can’t decide if he’s a rapper or an R&B singer (pick one dammit!)

Anyways, I find these Hotline Bling vines to be absolutely hilarious, so I’m gunna count down my favorites.






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