I dropped the ball and forgot Billy Joel was in town tonight, so I didn’t do a Favorites

I let you guys down, and I’m sorry. But even if I did try and do a favorites though, I’d be so lost. I’ve tried and cannot decide for the life of me which songs would go where. I’ll take a stab at it of course, but am really throwing this out to you guys.. What are your Favorite Billy Joel songs?

I’ve never seen him live, but would absolutely love to. Here’s the thing though – I’d say I know all of his big hits and then some, but I’m no where near other fans that I know. Like my fan-equivalent to DMB. They know everything; how often he plays a song, how rare, the last time played, etc. His catalog is just so big, and I’m okay with not knowing all his songs. I like my fandom for him right where it is.

“River of Dreams” is probably my favorite song because me and my siblings used to jam to the River of Dreams CD back in the day. We’d basically have a conga-line going around our house when that came on. So naturally, “No Man’s Land”, “The Great Wall of China” and “Lullaby” are all contenders for Top 10 status (the rest of that album is kinda garbage, sorry Bill). But how could that take up 4 songs in my 10? The answer is, it can’t. And it won’t. One (or more) of those is getting the bump. Because I have to make room for the songs that I love, like Piano Man. If this isn’t one of the best sing-a-long songs ever, I don’t know what is. And maybe it’s cliche, but “Only the Good Die Young”, “New York State of Mind” and “Scenes from An Italian Restaurant” are way too good to not be in my Top 5 – I just don’t know where. Still, though, there are more songs that I love: “Vienna”, “She’s Got A Way”, “You May Be Right”, “Just the Way You Are”, “She’s Always a Woman”. I saw that he brought back “Honesty” at MSG, which hadn’t been played since 2008 and I love that song too. But can it crack my Top 10? I don’t know about that. More early songs that I just don’t where to put: “Miami 2017”, “Big Shot”, “Movin’ Out”, “Ballad of Billy the Kid”, “The Entertainer” and “My Life”. Then where do I put the strictly ’80s Joel songs like “The Longest Time”, “Don’t Ask Me Why”, “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”, “Allentown”, “Tell Her About It”, “We Didn’t Start the Fire” or even “Christie Lee” and its killer sax??? I don’t know, people!

Clearly I need to work on this, but it’s nice to realize that I do have somewhat of a base to work with. Let’s not stray from the real reason I wrote this though, and that’s to find out your favorite Billy Joel songs… And if you’re going to Fenway tonight, enjoy!!

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