The Sequel Showdown

My cousin Ryan (of Tuesday Tunes fame) came up with this great idea where we pick a movie for each other that doesn’t already have a sequel and then we have to come up with an idea for a sequel (or spinoff or whatever) with actors, plot, etc. and then we’ll do a poll and see which movie people like better. So we gave each other a list of 3 movies and we had to pick one of them. Check out how it went on his site and be sure to vote!


This is something new me and my cousin Matt Flynn (@mrFlynn325) wanted to try on our blogs. Basically, we sent each other a list of 3 movies that don’t have sequels that we think could’ve supported a follow-up film and then we picked one on the list to create a basic outline for a movie to. One list had the option of Elf, E.T. and Superbad. and the other had Heavyweights, Hitch and Stepbrothers. We both made a plot summary for the movie we thought could best support another installation and are pitching them to you now anonymously. We are calling it “The Sequel Showdown” because we want to know which PLOT you liked better (don’t base it off of which movie you would rather see a sequel to).  If this goes well we’re planning on doing more to come (SNL skit turned movie, TV show spin-off, etc…). There is a…

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