Reason #546710638 I Hate Lebron James

If you’ve been watching the NBA Playoffs, you’ve likely seen this commercial

I hate this commercial. More so because I hate Lebron, but the commercial still sucks. How are people not outraged by the portrayal of how “tough” LBJ has it? Remember when pro golfer, Ian Poulter tweeted this and the internet went crazy. Like boo-hoo your wife and kids are flying Business Class, while your nanny has to fly coach like most people. Not like there are parents out there literally everyday dealing with their kids in all kinds of circumstances with no help from a nanny or the luxury of flying business class.

So let’s breakdown this commercial and what’s going on in his head:

1. Dang, that leaf blower that my land-scapper is using to do MY yard work is really loud.

2. Ugh, I wish my TWO phones would stop ringing. I mean, one of them is the team that pays me millions of dollars. The other is probably my agent telling me of another way to get paid millions of dollars.

3. My damn kids are so friggin’ loud playing basketball in our house that has 37 other rooms.

4. Let me go take a load off in the car that I don’t even drive. I use this car to just sit in the backseat and get away from my family and friends.

So I ask, nay, urge, the internet to step up again and be pissed at LBJ and Kia for this.

Lebron, you’re still the worst.

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