Who Green-Lighted This?

So I’m sitting down, enjoying a nice brew while I catch some early season baseball. Then – boom – GMC lays this shit on me:

Ok let’s be honest. Do you think this guy knows what baseball is?  If we’re being real here (and we are, obviously) we really need to blame the people that came up with this ad. Were they really so pressed to come up with a baseball analogy that they just made up this Rembrandt malarkey? Honestly, if I’m a hotshot at GM and I see this, I’m firing someone.

The sad thing is, this actually could’ve been a decent commercial if it had been done right. And by “done right” I mean if they hired Dennis Eckersley and said “There’s no script, Eck. Just talk about baseball for a few minutes and we’ll go with it.”

One comment

  1. Back in Little League they used to call me Monet. When we moved up to Babe Ruth and I developed a curveball, it was more Picasso. Now? I’m a damn fingerpainter.


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