Harpoon v. Sam Adams. Who Ya Got?


Whoa baby this is a tough one! Two locally brewed beers, who got their start right here in our beloved city. In my opinion, they are very tightly matched: they both have their originals, their seasonals, their IPAs… Obviously, you might have your particular favorite Sam or Harpoon depending on the time of year, but at the end of the day, which brewer are you ultimately choosing?

Having trouble deciding? Perhaps picture this: It’s 7:00 on Friday evening, and you just got out of work. Normally you only work til 5, but this was one of your busiest weeks, putting in overtime hours daily. This late departure is the earliest you’ve gotten out all week. You go immediately to the bar for a drink after work, where your friends and coworkers have been for an hour or two already. The nearest stool is available, as if someone was saving it just for you. Sitting a little slumped over after working late every day this week, you look up as the bartender comes over. The bartender says, “What can I get ya?” You say, “________”

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