Friday Favorites: Movies to Watch Around St. Patrick’s Day

Whether it’s pregaming before a night out, after watching the parade, or on Evacuation Day itself, these are some of my favorite movies to watch around the holiday. They are not all specifically Irish movies, but each have Irish roots.

7. The Field 

This Irish classic is honestly one of, if not THE, most depressing movie I’ve ever seen. It’s a very emotional, powerful film in which Richard Harris was nominated for an Oscar for his role of Bull McCabe. I promise the rest of the movies on this list are more enjoyable. This picture is of the pub from the movie. My Nana’s cousin, Dorothy is the owner! (Leenane, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland)

6. The Guard

I watched this on the flight to Ireland last summer, and really enjoyed it. It’s about an Irish cop and FBI Agent investigating drug smuggling in Ireland that is both funny and action-packed.

5. Waking Ned Devine 

A genuinely funny movie about a village trying to claim the Lottery winnings after the guy who won died from shock. Best line: “We do have heads and they are sore. But at the same time filled with the very best of Irish grains.” If you’ve been out in Boston, and have ever wondered where the bar gets its name, now you know.

4. Boondock Saints

Really a cult-like following for this one. It’s got action, comedy, crime, good characters and a decent story which holds up nicely, but perhaps it’s the local relevance (set in Boston) that draws my attention best.

3. Michael Collins

Biopic about Michael Collins, Irish revolutionary fighting for independence. Really great movie for the Irish history-buffs out there. Oh and Liam Neeson was born to play “The Big Man”

2. The Quiet Man

John Wayne plays Sean Thornton, a “nice, quiet, peace-loving man, come home to Ireland to forget his troubles. Sure, yes, yes, he’s a millionaire, you know, like all the Yanks. But he’s eccentric – ooh, he is eccentric.” Great movie.

1. Southie

Just kidding, this movie is awful. But the kind of awful where you gotta see it to really know what I’m talking about.

1. The Departed

I shouldn’t have to explain this one. It’s one of my Top 5 favorite movies ever.

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