Throwback Thursday: Cool Boarders 4

An instant classic, not to mention there were 3 that came before it, but like most games with sequels, they only got better. 4 was easily the best one; more realistic, better image quality, newer slopes, fresher powder, etc. Plus this was the first time I believe that you could create yourself as a boarder and your own board, which is always a plus! So back in my video-game playing days, my siblings and I held our own “Cool Boarders 4 Tournament” to finally decide who the best was. Mind you, my siblings were my two sisters and older brother. Anyways, first round match-up I faced my older sister, and smoked her. I was doing tricks and getting crazy points, while still beating her time. Poor thing didn’t have a chance. Easy advance to the next (and final) round, aka The Championship. Who do I face but my older brother, Mike. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous. He beat me in a lot of video games over the years, but this was the first time we held a tournament in any of them. This was officially going to determine who was better at CB4; bragging rights were on the line! And let me tell you, I wanted those bragging rights. I wanted to win… And win I did. Unfortunately my memory of the exact details of the race has faded since that time, but I remember it was close. I also remember how glorious winning felt. We congratulated each other like good sports and I took home the title of Cool Boarders 4 Champion. I bragged for about a good week or so (read 14 years), then shifted my focus to Tiger Woods PGA Tour, another classic. So that’s Throwback Thursday for ya, Cool Boarders 4 from The Champ.

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