Fall Beers in August?!?

Last night I was at The Fours with a few friends for dinner and drinks. When the waitress came over to take our drink orders, I asked what they had for summer beers on tap. I expected to hear Sam Summer, Harpoon Summer, maybe Brooklyn and some Shandy’s. Well she mentioned the Shandy’s but then says that the Sam on tap is Octoberfest! Octoberfest in August, because that makes sense. Now I’m certainly no beer snob, but come on! It’s mid-August and the summer beers are gone?!? Baffling. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy fall beers, but not this early. If the weather is consistently higher than 75 and I’m still in shorts and boat shoes, Summer beers, by law, should continue to be served. Anyways, I refused to have a Fall beer and instead ordered the always classic Blue Moon. But it didn’t quench my thirst like a cold Sam Adams Summer Ale would have. #FallBeersFallBack

PS – we’re leaving The Fours and I asked my friends where they think the name comes from. I’ve always wondered and have even tweeted at them asking, with no response. But some ideas were:

  • The Four major sports (football, baseball, basketball, hockey)
  • The four bases on a baseball diamond
  • The Fours referencing hitting a homerun. (Ya, I thought this was dumb too. If it is that, I may never go back again)

So if you know the story behind the name, let me know!

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